Four people talking during a professional development workshop

The CTI offers formative, confidential consultations on teaching and learning. We meet with individuals, teaching teams (e.g., an instructor of record and teaching assistants for a course), and departments (e.g., colleagues working to implement learning assessment strategies across courses). Contact us at to schedule a consultation. We are glad to meet with you in person, by phone, or via the web (Skype, Zoom) at your convenience.

Selected examples of consultations we provide include:

Best Practices in Evidence-Based Learning

  • pedagogical strategies proven to actively engage students
  • fundamentals of and innovation in course design for face-to-face and blended or online courses. 
  • strategies for effective group work and collaborative learning
  • techniques for large classes

Building Inclusive Classrooms

  • approaches for exploring and responding to changing student demographics in the classroom  
  • course design principles for accessibility
  • support for global and intercultural learning
  • strategies for navigating microaggressions, unconscious stereotyping, and implicit bias
  • techniques for leading discussions

Best Practices in Assessment and Evaluation

  • assessment design for student learning
  • strategies for aligning assessment of student learning with course learning goals
  • inclusive practices in designing, implementing, and assessing assignments
  • approaches to reflecting on and learning from student feedback (e.g., mid-semester feedback and end-of-semester student evaluations of teaching)


  • an introduction to learning technologies that bolster the use of student-centered pedagogies such as polling, group collaboration, peer instruction, and peer review
  • the incorporation of new technologies in the classroom to improve learning 

Specialized Consultation Opportunities Might Include:

  • a classroom observation coupled with pre- and post-observation discussions

  • the Mid-semester Feedback Program, useful in obtaining confidential, mid-course feedback from students about their perceptions of what is going well and what might improve their learning experience
  • a meeting with a group or committee working on a teaching and learning-related project or initiative that would benefit from CTI support

In addition to the consultation services above, we offer a range of programs, workshops, institutes, and online resources. Contact us to schedule an individual consultation or group meeting or to explore the potential benefits of upcoming workshops and institutes.