Mid-Semester Feedback Program

This confidential program assists faculty members in obtaining student feedback about the course at a point in the semester where there is still time to adapt and improve.

Registration for the Spring 2020 semester is now open and will close on Friday, January 31, 2020.  

Why Participate in the Mid-Semester Feedback Program? 

  • Show your students you are interested in what and how they are learning. 
  • Adjust your course to address student learning while the course is in progress. 

Getting Started with the Mid-Semester Feedback Program 

There are two approaches, based on course size, and both consist of a simple three-step process (read our FAQ for details):

  1. Small Group Student Teaching & Learning Feedback (small classes with fewer than 50 students):  This approach includes a small group discussion (15 minutes) where we ask students to share their ideas about what is working well and what suggestions they might have for improvement. This affords students an opportunity to step back and reflect at the meta level on themselves as learners as well as hear the perspectives of peers.

  1. Individual Student Teaching & Learning Questionnaire (larger classes with more than 50 students): We gather student feedback and facilitate an online survey using Qualtrics.

Contact the Center at cti_msfp@cornell.edu or (607) 255-7224 to arrange for the survey.

The CTI offers consultations on any topic related to teaching and learning. Visit our Consultations page to learn more.