Curriculum Mapping for Diversity & Inclusion

What is Curriculum Mapping for Diversity & Inclusion?

Efforts to diversify the curriculum should begin by affirming program-level outcomes and reviewing the points at which the program currently addresses these outcomes. Curriculum mapping offers a means of charting what happens at any given point throughout an academic program to confirm priorities and identify points of redundancy (such as duplicated instructional efforts), as well as address any potential gaps.

This consultative service guides academic programs through the curriculum mapping process, with a specific focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes.

Curriculum Mapping Process

The CTI will facilitate the following reflective and technical process for participating academic programs and departments:

  1. Initial consultation; we will help your program:
    • identify the essential roles/stakeholders that need to be a part of the process
    • develop a timeline
    • establish next steps for the department
  2. Review of program learning outcomes; we will help you:
    • establish a common language for conversations on curriculum and diversity, equity, & inclusion
    • differentiate goals from outcomes and values
    • affirm program outcomes
  3. Curriculum mapping; we will help you:
    • identify points of strength and opportunities for diversifying the curriculum and incorporating inclusive practices
    • identify potential areas for revising the curriculum
  4. Action planning: we will help you identify concrete next steps for curriculum revision for your department that match your timeline, along with any relevant next steps for instruction

Getting Started with Curriculum Mapping

For more information or to request an initial consultation, please contact us.