Zoom is a video conferencing application that allows you to meet with students online when you cannot meet in-person. It can be used for one-on-one meetings such as office hours, small classes, and even large classes. By default, Zoom will allow you to meet with up to 300 students. To request a larger meeting, contact Cornell IT.

Introduction to Zoom

Teaching with Zoom

  • Zoom Breakout Rooms: information and resources on using this very useful feature
  • Zoom Breakout Room Tips (Learning Technologies Resource Library): tips for more effective and productive use of breakout rooms while teaching
  • Zoom Polling (Learning Technologies Resource Library): How to enable Zoom polling in Canvas and create a poll
  • Scheduling Zoom Office hours (Learning Technologies Resource Library): instructions for using Zoom to meet with individuals or groups of students during office hours
  • Using Zoom for Lectures & Office hours (video tutorial): guide to strategies for using Zoom for remote teaching, produced by Dr. Ben Finio, Dr. Hadas Ritz, and Dr. Matt Ford of the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Zoom Recordings

Zoom and your Students

Zoom Security