ITAP Courses

ITAP offers a series of three courses designed to support multilingual graduate students who are working toward meeting the Language Proficiency requirement for teaching at Cornell University. All three courses are offered Fall and Spring semesters.

Note: Before enrolling in an ITAP course, students must have an English Language Assessment

ALS 5780

ITAP’s foundational 2-credit course, ALS 5780, provides an opportunity for multilingual graduate students to develop the oral communication skills necessary to be successful in their graduate programs, with emphasis on the skills they may need for teaching in the Cornell classroom. Through weekly classes, conferences with instructors, peer feedback and weekly assignments, students will work on advancing their oral English comprehensibility, pronunciation accuracy, and improve their impromptu speaking skills.

Prerequisite: English Language Assessment

ALS 5790

A follow-up to ITAP’s foundational course, ALS 5790 is a 2-credit course which focuses on further refining oral communication, with the goal of supporting multilingual graduate students in their graduate program and teaching responsibilities. The course involves highly interactive seminars, weekly assignments, consultations with the instructor, and the development of a personalized set of language priorities to help students expand their spoken English proficiency.

Prerequisite: ALS 5780

ALS 5800

ALS 5800 is a 1-credit Self-Directed Study course. Through regular interaction with the instructor, weekly homework, and one weekly class meeting, participants will set goals and develop a personal plan of study to advance their English oral communication skills.

Prerequisites: ALS 5780 and ALS 5790