Developing Your Teaching Journey

Our approach to teaching is anchored in five elements: innovationdiversityevidence-based practicesassessment, and technology. Through our programming, you have the opportunity to learn more about how people learn, explore evidence-based teaching strategies, develop pedagogical skills, and reflect on and document your teaching journey at Cornell. Our programs for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows will help you:

  • Use effective teaching practices based on research on how people learn
  • Establish an inclusive, caring, and fair learning environment 
  • Apply the backward course design process to develop appropriate learning outcomes, assessment, and course activities to achieve curricular alignment
  • Explore innovative teaching strategies to foster student engagement, self-efficacy, and creative thinking 
  • Communicate with clarity and confidence as an instructor
  • Articulate your teaching values and methods and how they have changed over time to improve learning outcomes
  • Value perspectives on teaching that come from working with colleagues across disciplines
Small teal bullet indicating the first of three levels of grad programming

Getting Started at Cornell

If you are preparing to teach your first class the following programs will help you prepare for future teaching opportunities:

Small blue bullet representing the second level of grad programming

Evolve in Your Teaching Practice

As your interests develop, we recommend exploring programs targeted at specific aspects of teaching:

Small green bullet representing the third level of grad programming

Prepare for Future Teaching Opportunities

If you anticipate a future teaching-related role or faculty career, the following programs will help you deepen your knowledge and communicate your teaching experiences and approaches: