CTI Courses

Several courses are offered for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars interested in significantly accelerating their preparation to teach effectively in a higher education setting. These courses include Teaching in Higher Education, Assessment in Higher Education, Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom, and the International Teaching Assistant Program course. 

Teaching in Higher Education (ALS 6015)

For the foreseeable future, higher education faces grand challenges that will call upon those in faculty positions to demonstrate a commitment to innovation, diversity, evidence-based teaching, assessment of student learning, and educational technology. This one-credit course addresses selected aspects of these challenges to better prepare current and future instructors (i.e., graduate students, teaching assistants, and post-doctoral fellows) in higher education. Course activities and assignments will allow for the exploration of learning theory, as well as the practical application of instructional design, technology, and assessment frameworks. 

Assessment in Higher Education (ALS 6016)

The assessment of student learning is a critical skill set for faculty at U.S. colleges and universities. Too often, faculty members have little to no exposure to this important topic until they begin their academic teaching careers. This one-credit course—a complement to ALS 6015: The Practice of Teaching in Higher Education—addresses topics including: principles and frameworks of assessment, course-based assessment methods and technologies, curricular integration of assessment, and social and political issues in assessment.

Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom Online Course

Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom is a non-credit, four-week, self-paced online course for anyone at any level of diversity expertise. Modules explore strategies for inclusive course design, social identity and self-reflection, and pedagogical practices that effectively support student engagement and belongingness across differences.

International Teaching Assistant Program courses

ALS 5780 and 5790 are 2-credit courses designed to support international students who have been appointed to be teaching assistants by helping them build and refine their oral English proficiency. Both courses are offered Fall and Spring semesters.

When are Graduate Courses offered?

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