Getting Started with Piazza

Piazza is a new kind of forum where any student in a class can ask a question, or contribute a response to a question that has been posted by someone else. Instructors and TAs are able to moderate items posted in Piazza, and may choose to answer a question themselves or endorse or correct a response that a student has posted.

Piazza can be used independently of Blackboard by visiting; however, adding a link to Piazza in your Blackboard course will allow you and your students to go directly into Piazza without an additional sign-in. Instructions for linking Piazza to your Blackboard course can be found at (Please note: where the instructions refer to URL in Build Content, Cornell uses Web Link).

For more information about what types of data may be shared, visit the Piazza Terms of Use at

Disclaimer: While Piazza conforms to Cornell’s requirements for third-party cloud-based software, Cornell has no written contract with Piazza. In addition, if faculty request students to use Piazza for class, they should alert students that some student data may be shared with third parties via the Piazza Careers platform if they do not opt-out of the service. Piazza Careers is a recruitment tool that by default, is turned on with new accounts. Students must visit their settings page and uncheck the Careers box if they do not want their data shared. For more information about what types of data may be shared visit the Piazza Terms of Use.