Center for Teaching Innovation Services

Our mission is to explore and foster inclusive, evidence-based teaching practices and to facilitate the development of challenging, reflective, and student-centered learning experiences at Cornell. We work toward this goal by offering our teaching community a full complement of individualized services, programs, and campus-wide initiatives.

We meet with instructors for confidential, developmental consultations across the academic career span, roles, and disciplines. In addition to working with individuals, we team with departments, schools and colleges, and related units to create and sustain multicultural, rigorous, and vibrant learning environments. To catalyze academic innovation, our team brings a deep knowledge of educational research on teaching, learning, and technologies along with a spirit of curiosity and collaboration.

Our Services

For Faculty

We offer a range of opportunities to bring colleagues across disciplines together to discuss teaching and learning. Guided by research, we help you explore ideas and techniques you can apply immediately in any learning environment.

  • Consultations: For individuals, teaching teams, and departments, we provide formative, confidential consultations on teaching and learning, including course observations.
  • Institutes: Our institutes create collegial communities and an immersive experience for transforming a course.
  • Mid-Semester Feedback Program: Through this confidential program, we assist faculty members in obtaining student feedback about the course when there is still time to adapt and improve.
  • Workshops and Other Opportunities: Other programming, such as our online course, Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom, explores relevant topics and helps instructors grow within and outside the classroom.

For Graduate Students

For graduate students and postdocs, we provide a variety of ways to explore and integrate evidence-driven learning methods into teaching practices. Our programs prepare you for roles with Cornell undergraduates (e.g., section leader, lab instructor, grader, etc.) as well as future faculty positions.

  • GET SET Program: A workshop series that invites you to explore topics and imagine how to apply them in the context of your teaching.
  • Institutes: Our institutes immerse you and your peers in a range of teaching topics.
  • Teaching Courses: Through for-credit and non-credit courses, we help you deepen your knowledge and document your commitment to teaching development.
  • Teaching Fellows: The CTI Graduate Teaching Fellowship is a competitive, one-year opportunity to gain experience designing and implementing teaching programs, events, and resources that foster teaching excellence and innovation.

Support for Learning Technologies

We facilitate the exploration, implementation, and assessment of new and emerging educational technologies. Expert consultants are available to help you explore ideas and identify applications and tools in a collegial environment.

  • Assessment Tools: Assessment tools help to provide students with timely and effective feedback to better facilitate learning.
  • Hybrid & Online Learning: hybrid and online learning environments help instructors and students facilitate teaching and learning in innovative ways.
  • Collaboration Tools: Collaboration tools facilitate peer learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Canvas: Canvas helps instructors and students co-create an inclusive and engaged teaching and learning environment.
  • Video and Multimedia: We support instructional video and multimedia, powerful tools for engaging complex concepts and ideas.

Grants & Awards

The Center offers the Cornell teaching community a range of grants and awards to support the implementation of innovative and evidence-based teaching methods. In addition, we collaborate in supporting other campus-wide initiatives.

  • For Faculty and Instructors: Learn more about grant and award opportunities for faculty and instructors, including our Innovation Awards, Micro Grants, and more.
  • For Graduate Students: We foster and recognize excellence in graduate student teaching. Learn more about our opportunities, including the Cornelia Ye Award and the CTI Teaching Fellows program.